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Bring on the summer vibes
Nothing screams summer like basking in a deck chair or hammock with an ice cold drink by your side. So whether you’re at a festival, beach, campsite or in your garden, make the most of sunny days with our brilliant camping furniture. Find your sweet spot in a luxuriously comfortable camping chair. Tuck in to a plate of happiness on a cool folding table, and neaten up your tent with handy folding cupboards. Then breathe in the sunshine.


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Choosing camping furniture

Feeling bamboozled by all the choice on offer? Not sure whether to go for inflatable or folding furniture?  Use our camping furniture guide to help you decide. 

What are you looking for?
Camping furniture essentials
Festival furniture 
Camper van furniture 
Glamping furniture
Picnic furniture
Beach furniture
Event or cycling holiday furniture

Camping furniture essentials
Want to make your holiday even better? Then don’t head to the campsite without these two tent furniture essentials:

1. A camping chair
Whether you prefer a reclining chair, sunbed, inflatable sofa or classic camping chair, camping just isn’t the same without a seat to relax in. Yes, you could just take a blanket. But if the ground is wet or cold, you’ll feel uncomfortable pretty quickly. A camping chair brings instant comfort, anytime of day. With lots of choice available from ultra luxurious loungers to lightweight stools, there’s something for every camping adventure. Weight and ease of carrying play a big role in your buying decision. Sounds obvious, but main rule of thumb is don’t buy what you can’t transport. So if you’re going anywhere you’re likely to be carrying your chair for any distance – for example, to the beach, a festival or extreme camping - choose a folding chair that is light enough to sling over your shoulder. Save the more bulky camping furniture for longer holidays at the campsite.

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2. A camping table
Oh so handy for a multitude of reasons, once you invest in a camping table, you’ll wonder how you ever camped without one. You’ll use it to rest drinks, eat meals, prepare food, play games, chat round with friends and much more. You need a folding table that’s big enough to cater for your group, but not too large that it’s hard to carry. Weight is important as you need to be able to easily move it around, but equally you don’t want something so light it will fall over. Easy Camp tables are made from lightweight yet robust materials that can deal with the rough and tumble of outdoor living. Making them reliable in windy weather and easy to carry.

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Festival furniture 
For festival furniture think easy furniture. You want to leave the hassle behind with furniture that is easy to set up, transport and relax in.  There’s usually a long trek between the car park and the festival camping field, so you want to pack as lightly as possible. Only take what you need – an easy to carry chair or lounger is ideal. Folding furniture is best as you can throw it over your shoulder and leave the other hand free for other belongings. If there’s a group of you, consider an inflatable sofa, which you can all help to carry and inflate. Fun and luxurious, you’ll be the envy of the festival field and have the perfect place to chill out before hitting the main event. A hammock is another festival favourite, the brighter the better! 

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Camper van furniture 
We’re a great fan of the campervan. You can go anywhere at anytime, the world is yours to explore. But just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you need to rough it. The right camper furniture will make your trips more comfortable and happier for everyone. Space can be tight in a camper van so you need folding furniture that you easily store out the way when not in use. Folding outdoor furniture is ideal as you can use it inside and outside the camper van. Essentials include a folding chair for every person on the trip and a folding table. You might also want to invest in some folding cupboards, as it’s much easier to move around a tidy campervan than a messy one.

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Glamping furniture
Bring home comforts to the campsite with luxurious glamping furniture. This is all about ultimate comfort and easy outdoor living every step the way. We’re talking chairs you can sink into. Sofas you can snuggle up together on. And practical kitchen tables that take the hassle out for al fresco cooking. For relaxing, go for inflatable furniture that lets you lounge in style anywhere. Choose from sofas, loungers, easy chairs, double movies seats and more. For no-fuss cooking, try a kitchen table and cupboard combo. These offer a windshield to protect from the elements and a handy place to store utensils, pots and pans. You’ll also need a sturdy camping table that’s large enough for everyone to sit round.   

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Picnic furniture
Forget ants in your sandwiches and mud on your cake. Feast in the sunshine off the cold ground with awesome picnic furniture. Great for days out and round the campsite, picnic furniture makes eating outside more comfortable for everyone. Our brilliant picnic tables come with seating and fold down to the size of a suitcase. So you can take them anywhere. 

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Beach furniture
Dreaming of feeling the sand between your toes and salty air upon your skin? Everyone loves a beach day and the right beach furniture lets you get even more from your seaside jaunts. Make life easier with a trolley and sun lounger in one. Its special wheel base lets you load up your belongs and pull your gear to beach. Once you’re there, simply unfold the trolley and voila! You have a comfy sun lounger. Or why not go for the ever-popular classic deck chair? Ours come with a contemporary twist, which makes them easier to carry. Or maybe you’d like some well deserved me time on a reclining lounger? However you like to relax, Easy Camp has a beach chair to suit you.

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Event or cycling holiday furniture
Biking across the countryside? Or heading to a prom in the park, outdoor cinema or sporting event? Take the weight off your feet with lightweight fold up furniture you can take anywhere. A folding stool is ideal. Lightweight and compact, it’s easy to carry and will slot into a bike pannier for cycling adventures. Stools with a rigid seat can also be used a mini table.

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Camping chairs explained
There really is a camping chair for every occasion. Which is great – but it makes choosing the right one that much harder. But never fear! Help is at hand with our quick guide to the different types of chairs for camping.

Classic camping chair
A traditional folding chair that can come with or without armrests. Some models have drink holders. It’s lightweight, reliable and easy to carry.
Best for day trips, festivals

Reclining chair – standard back
A folding chair that can recline to different positions so you can use it for relaxing and dining. Some come with armrests. 
Best for al fresco dining at the campsite or in the garden

Reclining chair – high back
A reclining chair with a higher back for extra comfort. Often has an in-built pillow or neck rest.
Best for beach days, relaxing at the campsite or in the garden

Deck chair
A retro-inspired design with a modern twist. Comes with different reclining positions. 
Best for beach days, in the garden

Sun lounger
A lounger that can recline from upright to fully flat so you can comfortable bask in the sunshine. Just don’t forget the sunscreen!
Best for beach days, in the garden

Inflatable lounger
Blow up beds that are ergonomically designed for comfort and support. Perfect for sunbathing.
Best for festivals, campsites, gardens

Inflatable armchair
Ultra comfy easy chairs with armrests for snuggly support. Easy to pump up.
Best for festivals, campsites, gardens

Inflatable sofa
Super soft, super comfy two or three person sofas. Easy to inflate. For stylish lounging anywhere. 
Best for festivals, campsites, gardens

Movie seats
Inflatable tub seats that give you 360° cushioning. Easy to blow up. Available as singles and doubles.
Best for festivals, campsites, gardens

A great way to get that holiday feeling anywhere. Hammocks are all about laidback lounging. Choose from single, double or swing hammocks.
Best for garden, festivals or campsites

A lightweight folding stool that you can easily move from place to place. 
Best for biking adventures, days out, fishing, travelling light

Looking after your camping furniture
Keep your furniture for camping looking great year after year with these handy tips:

Clean the furniture before packing it away
Dirty furniture is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria – so make sure your camping furniture is clean and completely dry before you store it away. 

For hard surfaces:
1. Wipe down surfaces with warm soapy warm 
2. Dry thoroughly 
3. Spritz with antibacterial solution

For material surfaces:
1. Spot clean any dirty areas with warm soapy water
2. Disinfect entire surfaces with antibacterial solution
3. Leave in the sun to dry thoroughly

For inflatable furniture:
1. Inflate the furniture and sweep away loose dirt using a soft brush or your hand (or vacuum if you’re at home)
2. Sponge down any dirty marks with soapy water. Use a mild detergent and avoid harsh chemicals as they could ruin the material 
3. Dry the inflatable furniture thoroughly before you pack it away

Keep your camping furniture safe at the campsite
It’s best to store your camping furniture in your tent at night and when you go out. This stops birds or other animals soiling it and prevents it getting wet in a downpour. A soggy camping chair is not what anyone needs! If space is an issue, tables can be left outside but it’s worth giving them a clean in the morning before you sit down to eat breakfast. 
For inflatable furniture, always check the ground before you inflate to make sure there are no sharp objects that could pierce the material. If you do get a puncture, use a patch repair kit to fix the leak. 

How to fix a puncture on inflatable furniture:
1. Find the puncture:
 - Fill a water bottle with soapy water (only use a couple of drops of mild detergent)
 - Spray the soapy water all over your inflatable furniture
 - Start rolling the inflatable furniture up – bubbles will form around the leak

2. Fix the puncture:
 - Clean off all the soapy water and let it dry
 - Attach the puncture patch following the instructions on the repair kit 

Store your furniture correctly
Camping furniture needs to be stored somewhere cool and dry. We recommend covering it with a sheet or similar to keep dust off. Inflatable furniture should be stored deflated and packed away inside a carry bag or box. Make sure all the air is out before packing it away. Don’t store inflatable furniture in plastic as this can cause mould.

Where are you going?
Heading to a festival or the campsite? Going trekking or to the beach? Or maybe you’re off on a couple’s weekend break or whisking the family away on an outdoor adventure?  Wherever you’re headed, use our ‘Going somewhere?’ guide to find the perfect tents, beds, camping furniture and accessories for your adventure.

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