Sleeping bags

Wrap yourself in happiness.
Snuggle up with an awesome Easy Camp sleeping bag and stay warm and comfy at campsites, festivals and sleepovers. With designs, colours and styles to make everyone smile, Easy Camp sleeping bags look great and perform like a dream. Choose from sleeping bags for adults and kids, sleep happy every night and wake up ready for your next adventure.    

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Sleeping bag buying guide

Get super comfy wherever you are
Heading off to a festival or on a camping adventure? If you’re spending the night under canvas, a great sleeping bag is a must. Even if it’s sunbathing weather in the daytime, it will feel much colder at night when you’re sleeping in a tent. Your sleeping bag will help you catch the zzzzs you need to make the most of your time away. It’s much better at keeping you warm than a duvet or blanket. This is because it wraps around your entire body, trapping in heat so you stay toasty all night long. If you get too hot, simply unzip your sleep bag to let in fresh air. 

Choosing a sleeping bag 
Not sure which is the best type of sleeping bag for you? Here are the main things you need to consider before you buy.
 - What’s the weather like where you’re going?
 - What time of year are you camping?
 - Do you need a sleeping bag for adults or children?
 - Do you need a single or double sleeping bag?
 - Do you like room to wiggle?
 - Do you like bright, bold, cool or classic designs?
 - How much do you want to spend?

What does all lingo mean?
Get to grips with sleeping bag jargon and find out what the different features mean. You’ll be talking like a camping pro in no time.

Mummy sleeping bag
A sleeping bag that is tapered at the end so the material fits snuggly round your legs. This helps you to stay warmer at night as there are less pockets of cold air. Mummy sleeping bags also weigh less than rectangular sleeping bags.
Can be used by anyone, not just mummies!
Best for adventures

Rectangle sleeping bag
This is the classic shaped sleeping bag. It has extra room round the legs for those who like to wiggle and stretch.
Best for night time wrigglers

Double sleeping bag
A sleeping bag that is big enough for two. 
Best for couples

Duvet style
A sleeping bag with a soft brushed exterior that feels as cosy next to the skin as a duvet. 
Best for comfort seekers

Sleeping bag hood
A sleeping bag with a hood attached that you can pull on at night to keep extra warm. 
Best for cosy heads

Top and bottom zip
A sleeping bag with zips that open at the chest and feet, so you can let cool air flow at both ends. 
Best for summer campers

Zip together
The ability to zip two sleeping bags together to create a double sleeping bag.
Best for singles and couples

Full-length zip baffle
This lets you fully unzip and open out the sleeping bag to create a duvet-style blanket.
Best for festival goers

Junior sleeping bag
A smaller sleeping bag that is perfectly sized for children. Sleeping bags need to be a snug fit to prevent cold pockets. Children will stay much warmer and more comfortable at night in a junior sized sleeping bag.
Best for kids

Where are you going?
Where you’re heading plays a huge role on what type of sleeping bag you need. Sleeping bags have warmth ratings for use at different times of year and various weather conditions. For example, you’ll need a much warmer sleeping bag for mountaineering than you will for partying at Coachella. 

Sleeping bags for summer camping
Keep your cool when the sun shines with a 1 or 2 season sleeping bag
When the weather warms up you need a sleeping bag that can keep you cosy at night, without making you sweat. A 1 or 2 season sleeping bag is ideal. These lightweight bags are made for summer and will keep you comfy without overheating. Choose from a wide range of styles, designs and colours – and make the most of the sunshine.  
Look out for two way zips. These let you open up the sleep bag at the top and bottom so you can let air flow through on balmy nights.

Festival sleeping bag
Find you Zen with carefree prints and relaxing vibes
Get in the party spirit with a sleeping bag that reflects your festival mood. The best festival sleeping bags stand out for all the right reasons with killer looks, awesome features and a hefty dose of super soft comfort. So go crazy with cool and colourful sleeping bags that bring fun to the festival field and happiness to your dreams. 
Look out for rectangle sleeping bags. These can be fully unzipped to create a duvet style blanket. Ideal for cosying up round a campfire or for sunbathing on during the day.

Sleeping bags for extreme camping
Laugh in the face of cold weather with a 3 or 4 season sleeping bag
Cooler climates are no match for a 3 or 4 season sleeping bag. So whether you’re heading up a mountain or camping in October, stay toasty with one of our well-insulated sleeping bags. Both 3 and 4 season sleeping bags can handle sub zero temperatures. 4 season sleeping bags are thicker and warmer, making them ideal for all year round. 3 season sleeping bags can be used from early spring to late autumn and are great for all but the most extreme conditions.
Look out for hoods and mummy sleeping bags. These let you wrap up from top of toe, keeping you warmer when the temperatures drop.



Backpacking sleeping bag
Get exploring with an ultra light mummy sleeping bag
Set off on your next big adventure with a single sleeping bag that won’t weigh you down. Mummy sleeping bags have a snug fit, which makes them warmer and less bulky than regular sleeping bags. They pack down to a small size so you can squish them into your backpack for easy carrying. For round the world travel, a 2-3 season sleeping will keep you warm in cooler climates and can be unzipped and used as a duvet in warmer destinations.
Look out for hoods and full length zips. These let you add extra warmth on colder nights and let in air on warmer nights.

Kids sleeping bags
Keep them happy and snug as a bug all night long
Get camping, sleepovers or school trips sorted with a cool and colourful junior size sleeping bag. Perfectly sized to fit smaller bodies, junior sleeping bags will keep kids warmer and more comfortable, so they sleep better and wake happier. Easy Camp kids sleeping bags have the added benefit of crazy cool prints and bright funky colours. Making bedtimes more fun for everyone.
Look out for duvet-style cosiness and cool designs. Kids will love the bright prints; parents will love the sleep-inducing comfort. 

Couples sleeping bags 
Curl up together with a double sleeping bag
Enjoy cosy nights at the campsite with a soft, comfy double sleeping bag. With plenty of room for two people, you’ll only need to pack one sleeping bag for camping – which saves on space in your car. These are also a great option for guests at home.
Look out for duvet-style comfort. So your sleeping bag feels as good as being at home.

Sleeping bag care sheet
Look after your sleeping bag and it will last for years

Can you wash sleeping bags?
Your sleeping bag will need to be cleaned every now and then to keep it hygienic. How you wash it will depend on your sleeping bags manufacturing guidelines. In general, there are three ways to wash sleeping bags:

Machine washing sleeping bags
Check with your manufacturing guidelines that your sleeping bag can be machine washed. Only use a front loading washing machine as top loaders can ruin your sleeping bag’s insulation.
1. Wash one sleeping bag at a time
2. Do up all zips on your sleeping bag and turn it inside out
3. Add mild washing detergent
4. Wash it on a gentle, cool cycle

Hand washing sleeping bags
The best way to do this is in the bath.
1. Fill the bath with cool water and add a mild fabric detergent
2. Zip up your sleeping bag and turn it inside out 
3. Lie your sleeping bag in the water, keep it as flat as possible
4. Leave it to soak for 15 minutes
5. Push down on the bag with your hands to get the dirt out. Or you could try pulling off your socks and walking over the bag, like you’re crushing grapes
6. Drain the dirty water and repeat with fresh water
7. Do this a couple of times until all the soap is washed off the sleeping bag

Take your sleeping bag to a launderette
Worried about ruining your sleeping bag’s filling? Take it to the launderette and let them deal with it instead.

Drying your sleeping bag
This may take some time, but make sure you get your sleeping bag completely dry before you pack it up. Here’s the best way to do this:
1. Air dry, if possible
2. Drape your sleeping bag over a flat surface to keep the filling even
3. As tempting as it is to get out the water, don’t wring or squeeze the bag as this can make the filling clump together
4. Don’t put the sleeping bag in the tumble drier as this will muck up its insulation

Top tip for a more hygienic sleeping bag!
Want to spend less time washing your sleeping bag? Tuck a Travel Sheet inside. 
Travel sheets are soft liners that fit inside your sleeping bag to keep it cleaner and more hygienic. Rather than having to wash the entire sleeping bag, you simply pop the travel sheet in the washing machine instead. Available in mummy and rectangle styles, there’s a travel sheet for all single sleeping bags. These can also be used alone as a lightweight cover in tropical countries and are great for backpacking.

Storing your sleeping bag
Keep your sleeping bag in top condition by storing it correctly when you get home.
1. Pull your sleeping bag out of its stuff sac
2. Make sure it’s 100% dry – we recommend air drying it for 24 hours before storing it
3. Pop it into a loose, mesh bag – this lets the filling breathe and stops it clumping
4. Store your sleeping bag somewhere dry and cool, like a loft or under the stairs