Self inflating mattresses

Your bed in an instant
No fuss, no effort, no time wasting. Self inflating mats are ready to use whenever you want to hit the sack. Just unroll and sit back while they quickly self inflate into a comfortable air bed. It’s what laidback outdoor living is all about. Available in single and double sizes, a self inflating mattress is a great choice for festivals, camping and sleepovers.


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Find your perfect self inflating air mattress

Love the idea of hassle-free camping? Then a self inflating mattress is your ideal camping bed. Saving you time and effort on the campsite, these mats self inflate in minutes into a comfy air-filled mattress. There are different sizes and styles available – from ultra light to thick, extra cosy doubles. 
Not sure which is best for you? Use our guide to find the perfect self inflating mat for your next adventure. 

Best for festivals
You want a purse-friendly, lightweight self inflating mattress 
After the music stops, sleep happy with an easy-to-use self inflating air mattress. Because you’re only sleeping outside for a couple of nights, you can get away with a thinner self inflating mat, like a 1.5cm or 3cm thickness. These lightweight self-inflating mats will keep you comfortable without adding bulk to your kit and can be easily carried from car park to campsite. They are also cheaper to buy than their thicker alternatives. This makes them ideal for festivals where things often get muddy. A great thing about a self inflating roll mat is that you won’t need to waste precious dancing time pumping or setting up your bed. Your self inflating mat will be ready to use in minutes, without any effort on your part – just unroll and go explore. Available in single and double sizes, the mats come with their own compact carry bag for easy stowing away at the end of the festival.

Best for backpacking or extreme camping
You want an ultra lightweight self inflating mat
Setting off to explore the world? Or getting ready to tackle a mountain? If you’re going to be carrying your gear for long periods, you need ultra light kit. Easy Camp ultra lightweight self inflating mats are easy to use, easy to carry and give you great insulation from the cold ground. Which helps you to sleep better after an action-packed day. Available in different thicknesses, the mats have a contoured mummy-shaped, which is designed to complement mummy-shaped sleeping bags. The tapered design means they roll up into a smaller pack size, making them a great, compact option for longer trips.

Best for family camping
You want a thicker self inflating mattress that will keep you comfy all holiday
For longer holidays, treat yourself to extra comfort with a thicker 10cm self inflating camping mattress. These offer maximum elevation off the ground so you stay warm, snug and cosy all night. Because of the extra thickness, they do weigh a bit more than slimmer alternatives. But as you’re likely to be staying in one place for a week or two this isn’t a problem – and they are still easy enough to carry from the car to your tent. Available in single and double sizes, 10cm self inflating roll mats are great for the whole family. 

Best for weekend breaks
You want a comfy and practical 5.0cm self inflating mattress
For shorter trips you don’t want to weigh yourself down with excess gear. Instead aim to walk the line between comfort and convenience. A 5cm self inflating air bed fits the bill perfectly. It will keep you cosy all night but is lightweight and compact. So you can travel light and sleep well. Available in single and double sizes, they are ideal for weekend breaks and touring.

Best for kids
You need a 5.0cm or 10.0cm single self inflating mattress
Settle them down to a brilliant night’s sleep on a thicker 5.0cm or 10.0cm self inflating air bed. This will offer kids maximum comfort and support all night, helping them to sleep better and wake happier - because every parent knows the importance of a great night’s sleep. Single sizes are ideal for children, teenagers and adults, so you can use them year after year as your kids grow.

Why buy an Easy Camp self inflating mat?
Camping holidays are all about fun. Which is why our products are made to help you get more out of your time away. Here are the six top benefits of an Easy Camp self inflating mattress. 

1. Comfortable and warm
Self inflating airbeds provide a cushioned barrier, which elevates you off the cold ground so you stay warmer and more comfortable all night. Their special design offers top to toe support, with no sagging in the middle.

2. Lots of choice
There’s a self inflating mat for every adventure from ultra lightweight to thick and cosy for maximum comfort. So you can choose to travel light or sleep in luxury. Plus, there are single and double options for solo travellers, kids and couples.

3. Easy inflation and deflation
Leave the pump at home and enjoy effortless inflation. Our self inflating air beds come with an special valve system to allow maximum airflow for the quickest and easiest inflation and deflation. Simply unroll to inflate, and squash and roll to deflate.

4. Great price
We believe quality shouldn’t break the bank. Our mats are affordable, comfortable, reliable and durable. With the right care, they will last for years.

5. Stuff bag included
Every Easy Camp self inflating mattress comes with its own stuff bag for easy carrying and storage. 

6. Lightweight and easy to carry
Even the thickest, double self inflating mattress is light enough to be easily carried by one person. The most lightweight self inflating mats weigh less than a 1kg bag of sugar and can be stuffed into a rucksack. 

Self inflating mattress FAQs
Find answers to your questions about self inflating mats.

What is a self inflating mattress?
A self inflating mattress is a cross between an inflatable airbed and a camping mat – and combines all their best bits! Because it inflates on its own, you don’t need to pump it up like you do with an airbed. Instead, simply unroll the self inflating mat and it will blow up on its own without any pumping. Unlike a traditional flat camping mat, a self inflating mat offers an air cushion between you and the ground, which makes it warmer and more comfortable to sleep on. 

Where can I use my self inflating mat?
Self inflating air mattresses are ideal for camping, festivals, sleepovers, caravan touring and as an extra guest bed at home. They come in a range of different sizes to suit different needs. Thicker self inflating mattresses are best for longer holidays or for home use. Thinner self inflating mats are great for backpacking, festivals and short breaks. There are double mats for couples and singles for solo travellers and kids.

How do I inflate a self inflating camping mat?
1. Pull the mat out of its stuff bag
2. Unroll the mat and open the valve
3. The mat will inflate on its own
That’s it! Your mat will be ready to use in minutes. Simply close the valve once it’s finished inflating. If you do want it to be a little bit firmer, you can add a couple of breaths of air by blowing gently through the open valve.

Why won’t my new self inflating mattress inflate?
Don’t worry. You just need to ‘reactivate’ the compressed foam core. Because new self inflating mats have been packed for an extended period, the foam can ‘deactivate’. ‘Reactivate’ it by blowing into the valve a few times.

Do I need a pump for my self inflating mat?
No. The beauty of self inflating mats is that they inflate on their own, without the need for pumps. So you don’t need to carry extra kit.

How do I deflate a self inflating air mat?
1. Open the valve 
2. Fold the air mat a few times to kick start deflation
3. Roll the mat from the bottom up to the open valve to push out the remainder of the air

How do self inflating mats work?
Self inflating roll mats have an air tight shell with a layer of compressed foam inside.  When you unroll the mat and open the valve, it sucks in air and the foam expands. Because of this special design, self inflating mattresses don’t require manual or electric pumps.

How do I clean a self inflating mattress?
 - Use a soft brush or your hand to sweep away loose dirt from the surface of the self inflating mat
 - Use a soapy sponge to wipe any dirty areas
 - Use a fabric freshener like Febreeze to make your self inflating mat smell sweeter 
 - Spritz with a 50:50 white vinegar and water mix to naturally and safely disinfect your self inflating sleeping mattress
 - Give your self inflating mat a good hose down and leave it to dry completely in the sunshine

 - Use harsh detergents
 - Put your self inflating mat in a washing machine

How do I repair a self inflating mattress?
Is your self inflating mat deflating overnight? Or can you hear a low hissing sound? Then you might have a puncture. These are easy to fix with a self inflating mattress puncture repair kit. Here’s what you need to do.

How to find the puncture:
1. Fill a water bottle with soapy water - use a couple of drops of mild washing detergent
2. Spray the mixture all over your self inflating air mat
3. Roll the mat from the bottom up. If there’s a puncture, bubbles will form around the leak
4. Mark the area of leak with a pen so you can easily find it when it comes to the repair

How to fix the puncture:
1. Clean off the soapy water and let the self inflating mat dry completely
2. Wipe the area around the leak with alcohol and let this dry – this helps the puncture patch attach properly 
3. Attach your puncture repair patch following the instructions on the packet
4. Inflate the self inflating mattress to check the leak is fixed – if not repeat until the puncture is fully covered


What is the best way to store a self inflating camping mat?
If possible, store your mat unrolled with the valve open away from direct sunlight. A good place is under the bed or in the loft. Leaving the mat unrolled prevents it getting overly compressed and leaving the valve open lets the foam breathe. Always make sure your self inflating mattress is completely dry before storing it away. 

Got a question?
Can’t find the answer you are looking for? If there is anything you’d like to know about self inflating, please get in touch.