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When the sun shines, get picnic ready with an Easy Camp cool bag. These handy bags are made from high tech insulating fabric, which makes them light enough to take anywhere. Just choose the size you need, fill with food and have fun outside.

Cooler bags are great for:
Beach trips
Days out
Work lunches
School lunches
Outdoor cinema
Proms in the park

Choosing a cool bag
Your cooler needs to be the right size for your needs. It should be big enough to fit in everything you want to take, but without lots of excess space. A cooler bag that’s too large means that food can fly around inside, which can mean a bruised, squashed lunch. 
Use this guide to help you find the perfect cool bag based on the size you’re likely to need.

Festival favourites
Chill out with your ultimate keep it cool bag
Festivals are amazing. But when you want to take time out, it’s nice to have a chilled stash of food and drink waiting for you at your tent. A medium size cool bag is ideal, providing room for cans, bottles, milk and snacks - without being bulky. This means you can relax with your friends with a chilled drink of your choice, enjoy a morning cup of tea, or tuck into a night-time feast (festivals have their own rules!). Choose a cooler with shoulder straps for easy carrying to the festival field and bring screw-topped bottles that can be packed lying down. 

Fantastic for families
Pack enough food for everyone with a family cool bag
Fresh air, fresh food and a whole dollop of fun! The great outdoors is perfect for family adventures. Whether you’re heading to a park, beach, lake or forest, a large cool bag lets you keep the troops fed and watered so the games can continue all day long. For family days out, you need a cooler that’s spacious and portable. It should give you plenty of room for lunch, drinks and snacks – but also be lightweight and easy to haul around. Shoulder straps can make cool bags easier to carry longer distances. Extra pockets for napkins and cutlery are also useful.

Terrific for two
Get romantic picnics sorted with a cooler for couples
Beautiful scenery, great company and an al fresco feast to tuck into it. It’s a recipe for romance. Make sure your food doesn’t let you down by keeping it chilled and delicious in a picnic cooler bag. A medium sized cooler is ideal. This will give you the right amount of space for food without being over large or bulky. Extra pockets are handy for things like cutlery and napkins.  Shoulder straps make it easier to carry so you can take it anywhere – to the beach, forest, mountains or lakes.

Champs for camps
Get your food organised on the campsite with multiple cool bags
Seasoned campers know that multiple camping cool bags make outdoor living easier. You can keep meat away from other fresh food so there is no cross-contamination - and keep drinks separate. This is important as the more you open your cool bag, the quicker it loses its cooling ability. Most food items are only needed at certain times of day, i.e. when you’re making breakfast, lunch or dinner. But drinks are needed throughout the day. A separate cooler for drinks means the other cool bags can be left sealed so they keep their food fresher for longer. It’s also useful to have an extra cooler bag for picnics and days out. The size cooler you need depends on how many of you are going camping. For couples, large cool bags are great to have as your campsite ‘fridges’ with a medium cool bag for days out. Families and groups of friends are best with 3 or 4 large cool bags.

Awesome for the office
Be the envy of the office with fresh homemade lunches 
Bringing your own lunch to work can save you heaps of money. And, depending on what you pack, it’s usually much healthier than shop bought alternatives. To prevent your food wilting during hot commutes, you need a lightweight, small cooler bag. It should be large enough for sandwiches, salads etc. but compact enough to fit inside a rucksack. When it’s empty, a cooler will fold flat for even easier transportation.

Cool for school
School lunches have never tasted so good
A cool bag is great for school. Kids lunchboxes are usually left sitting in warm classrooms all mornings, which is recipe for soggy and wilted lunches. A cool bag will help lunches taste better, keeping sandwiches, fruit and treats chilled until lunchtime. For kids, you’ll need a small cool bag, that’s big enough for all their lunch without being bulky. Look out for zips that are easy for small hands to handle. Top opening zips are ideal as they allow the lunch box to be fully opened so kids can eat directly from it. Bright colours will make the cooler bag more appealing to youngsters.

Best for bottles
Enjoy your favourite tipple with a cooler bag for bottles
Whether you prefer to sip wine, fizzy pop or beer, drinks taste better chilled. A cooler bag for bottles lets you keep your drinks at the perfect temperature for hours. Making them perfect for proms, outdoor events, camping, festivals and more. The bottles may need to be packed lying down rather than upright so bring screw-topped bottles that can be tightly sealed. This also means you can leave bottle openers at home. Place the bottle at the bottom of the cooler bag on top of ice packs. Put a couple of layers of cardboard as a barrier between the ice and the bottles. A medium or large cool bag is ideal for bottles and food.

Top tips for cool bags
Your cool bag comes with its own insulation. But that will only work properly if you pack it correctly. Here’s how to maximise its cooling powers and keep your food fresher for longer.
1. Chill your cool bag
Put your cooler bag in the fridge or freezer before you pack it. The colder it is, the longer it will be able to keep ice frozen and your food chilled.
2. Use ice packs not ice cubes
Ice cubes melt faster. Ice packs stay colder for longer. They’re also reusable. If you’re at the campsite there is usually somewhere to refreeze them.
3. Pack the ice at the bottom
Then add a layer of cardboard over the ice to prevent food getting soggy.
4. Chill food and drink 
Packing cold or frozen food or drink will help to lock in the chill factor.
5. Don’t pack warm items 
You don’t want to add anything to your cool bag that will warm it up. So keep heated food elsewhere and avoid packing room temperature food items.
6. Organise food types
Use separate cooler bags or dividers to keep meat away from non-meat.
7. Don’t drain melted ice
The cold water acts as an insulator and will help food stay chilled for longer.
8. Close your cool bag properly
Any gaps in the seal will stop the cool bag working properly.
9. Store it in the shade
Keep cool bags out of the sun as much as possible when there’s food in them. Only put them in the sun to dry when empty.
10.Clean it after use
Coolers need a thorough clean after use to keep them hygienic.

Cleaning your cool bag 
Like anything that carries food, cool bags need to be washed after use. 
1. Wipe with soapy water
Treat your cool bag like your plates and bowls and wash it with warm soapy water after every use. You can also spray it with an antibacterial cleaner to kill any germs. 
2. Bung it in the washing machine
Had a few spillages in your cool bag? If you feel your cooler needs an extra deep clean, you may be able to pop it in the washing machine. Many cooler bags are machine washable but always check your cool bag’s product details first.
3. Dry your cool bag in the sunshine
The sun will also help to get rid of stains and odours. Always make sure your cool bag is completely dry before storing it away.

What’s the difference between a cool bag and a cool box?
They both keep food chilled but they’re designed for different needs. 
Cool bags are made from insulated fabric. They are lightweight and very easy to carry. When they’re not in use, they can be squished inside your bag. This portability makes them great for day trips, lunches and picnics.
Cool boxes are made from hard, strong plastic, which means they are heavier to carry. This hard casing stays colder for longer and prevents food getting squashed. This makes them ideal for use as a mobile fridge or freezer at the campsite.

Cool bag accessories
Get kitted out with everything you need for outdoor dining.

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