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Customer Service

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Got a question that needs answering or a problem to solve? Then the chances are we’ve got it covered.

We’ve compiled answers to the most common questions that we receive and you will find them all here.

In order to help you to get a quick answer we have split up the questions into categories.

Please select which kind of product category your question regards.

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We hope that our FAQs helped you? If not then you are welcome to contact us by clicking one of below boxes and fill out the contact form.

We will then come back to you as soon as possible. Please note that given seasonal work fluctuations it may take up to three working days to reply.

Claims: If you have purchased your product less than two years ago, you need to contact the Easy Camp dealer where you have bought the product. This will be the fastest way to complete your claim. 

General questions: You need to know more about our products, have a questions to a feature or one of our drawings. You need an advise so you can select the right product and buy it. 

Spare parts: If you are looking for spare parts you an also contact us here.

Webshop questions: If you have questions in regards to our webshop you are welcome to contact us.