Tips and tricks

Get informed, get smart, get camping!

Discover all the hacks, advice and inside information that will make your camping trips easier and more enjoyable. Find out what works for other campers, tips on choosing your perfect family tent and easy ways to clean it afterwards. 

Plus everything you need to know about camping safety, cooking outside, keeping your family protected from the elements and much more. If you’re heading to the campsite, you’ve come to the right place first.

The best tent for me

Right, you’ve decided to go camping. But what tent should you choose? 

Choosing a Family Tent

Get the most out of your camping trip by finding the right tent that suits your family's needs.

The best way to maintain your tent

Learn the skills here:
Pitching your tent, daily routines, packing away, storage, mildew and reproofing.

Is drive-away awnings for me?

To explore without ties is one of the great joys of owning a campervan – it is truly your four-wheel passport to freedom.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag

One of the secrets to enjoying camping is a good night's sleep. A warm and comfortable sleeping bag is the key.

Sleeping bag science

Your sleeping bag and whatever it rests on are your best camping friends after your tent.

Choosing a self-inflating mat

The old camping saying was one third insulation above and two thirds beneath for a good night’s sleep – your sleeping bag providing the upper insulation and a mattress or mat providing the bottom insulation.


Electricity is a common feature on the campsites. The cable access points are a new standard in our Easy Camp Tour family Tents.

Cookers and Gas

Gas is easy and convenient to use for cooking. Get our safety tips to cookers and gas.

Sun, Sun, Sun!

Summer camping is what we have all been waiting for. But you have to be aware of the hidden dangers that comes with the sunny days.

Safety tips

Fires and barbecues are part of the camping experience. Make it an good experience with our safety tips.

Tech Feature Peg

Your tent must be pitched well to perform. A good collection of pegs will help your tent meeting all kinds of challenges.

Spot Cleaning

It is important to clean your tent if you want to keep it for many years to come. Tree sap and bird excreta are some of the sinners when it comes to ruining the waterprofed coating on your tent.