The Freedom of Outdoor Living

Camping in tents from GO range

If you are looking for a real outdoor experience, there is little more authentic than camping. And before ideas of waking in a field with little to do fill your mind, think again, for you couldn't be more wrong.

By Natasha Colyer - Seen in the City

The simple world of camping opens up so many doors to experiences; living and freedom that nothing else can ever hope to compete. For past that zipped canopy is a whole plethora of cultures and worlds to explore, not accessible by hotels and touristy resorts.

In a world so filled with the electrical commodities, we can often become drowned in tweets and instagram and Facebook posts that we can forget to live in the moment. Something camping allows you to do. And all without breaking the bank.

One of the first trips I ever went on with friends was a camping trip straight from our last day of college. We loaded the car with our camping gear and enough food to feed a small army, excitement fizzing - we were stepping into the unknown. Whilst we were unsure of what was to come (and quite how we'd survive three days without a pair of straighteners or hairdryer in sight) we couldn't wait. And the experience was better than I could ever have imagined. Evenings were spent huddled round a camp fire toasting marshmallows, the smells of flowers, summer sun and burning wood heavy in the air. We found out more about each other than we ever knew - with no distraction from mobiles and laptops, we talked, laughed and learnt to appreciate the little things. Hair and makeup were forgotten, everyday competition in the world of social media seemed menial and quite ridiculous.

Enjoy the freedom

The freedom to wake up every morning and know the world was before us was one of the most magical things. Knowing if you get bored of one place, you can just fold up your accommodation and head to somewhere brand new - no messy travel agents, booking sites and hefty holiday savings involved. You could park up by a lake and catch fish by twilight, you could race through the sandy beaches and collapse into your sleeping bed at night, hair tinged with salt water, face spattered with freckles from the sun and your mind whirring with all you've seen.

Outdoor living introduces you to new people you would never normally meet and gives you a chance to get to know yourself, without distraction. You get the opportunity to broaden your horizons, challenge yourself and learn about new cultures. You learn to live without life’s luxuries and create your own entertainment. Time in the outdoors really allows you to see what is important in life and what really matters.

It’s time to spend with friends, family and loved ones without the stress and everyday worries which can seem so big and overpowering, yet when you’re away and back at one with nature seem so insignificant. Whether you learn to cook sausages on a camp fire, canoe on a lake or to climb trees in the forest, outdoor living offers an experience unlike any other, that you’ll never forget.

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