Festival camping fun

We all know that packing for a festival is an exercise in keeping weight down. Browse through our best festival camp hacks and be ready for fun as soon as you arrive.

Here are our tips for making the most out of those essential festival items and tips for best getting through the festival madness.

1. Stick a flag in the ground so that you can find your tent easily:
Don’t think for a second that we’re saying you should try to sneak in a piece of scaffolding and a ten metre squared Danish flag. But, a spare tent pole or chord and an unconventional t-shirt/pair of stars and stripes leggings can ensure that that when your phone (inevitably) runs out of batteries, you won’t be left high and dry.

2. Be strategic about tent placement:
Just make sure you get a spot off the path (so drunk people won’t make your weekend a living hell), that you can see the designated toilet areas from your (Easy Camp *hint*) tent and that the prospect of walking to the main stages doesn’t feel like you’re about to take on Mount Everest. Then, you’ll be gravy.

3. A roll of bin bags has many uses:
Maybe not the sexiest hack we’ll ever give you, but definitely on of the most useful. Emergency ponchos, protecting your stuff from rain and mud and of course, packing your rubbish up when it's time to leave - all depressingly common problems for the European festival goer. Seriously, just take as many bin bags as you can find space for, you will find your own uses for them.

4. Make a lantern out of a plastic jug and a torch:
Ok, so this one is pretty self-explanatory, but bear with me. If you put any light through a refractive surface (finally the baccalaureate comes in use) and you will multiply the original light several times, so one torch and one slightly opaque plastic bowl/jug will ensure that the party can last all night, even if you have no fire. Speaking of which…

5. Tortilla chips make excellent fire kindling:
…So, if you are allowed to set a fire but didn’t realise until you had already set your tent down, don’t worry, all’s not lost. Bringing many bags of tortilla chips will a) give you an easy go-to snack which won’t cost you €11 and b) provide the best stealth fire-lighter that you will ever find. Seriously, set fire to a pile of them (responsibly) you won’t believe what they are capable of.

6. Know Where East is: 
A little bit medieval, but still pertinent today. If you camp/sleep facing east, the sun will rise right directly into your sore eyes and make things even worse than they need to be. Attach a blanket or bin bag (one of their million uses) to that side of your tent to block the sunlight a bit.

7. Make Friends With The Neighbours:
You will forget stuff, as will the strangers who just so happened to have planted their Easy Camp tents four feet away from you. You all may have the things that the others have forgotten. So why suffer in isolation? The worst thing that can happen by breaking bread with your new-found neighbours is that you have nothing in common and you don’t speak after day two. The best thing is that by the time you leave you’re all in floods of tears and exchanging email addresses and Facebook details. WIN.