Drive-Away Awnings

Hit the road and let the adventure begin! Easy Camp drive away awnings add versatile living space and extra bedrooms to campervans or MPVs. Ideal for family camping holidays, touring and weekend breaks, there’s a range of sizes and full standing height ceilings so you can stretch out. For hassle-free pitching, choose an innovative drive away awning with great affordability and with padded ends to protect your vehicle’s bodywork.

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Motor Tour range

The Easy Camp MOTOR TOUR drive away awning range is all about convenience and practicality on the go. Stylish and affordable, the awnings offer top features and choice at highly competitive prices. There’s a range of sizes to suit couples, family holidays and trips with friends – from the one room Tulsa to the super spacious Wimberley with optional bedroom inners. Plus a choice of poled or air pitching. All are super easy to attach, fitting snugly to the side of your vehicle so you have more space for dining, relaxing or sleeping. Easy Camp poled drive away awnings have padded ends to prevent them scratching your vehicle’s bodywork. Our air drive away awnings are ultra fast to pitch for a hassle-free set up.

What is a drive away awning?

A drive away awning is a tent that can attach to the side of your campervan or MPV. The attachment forms a waterproof seal between your vehicle and the awning so you can pass from one to the other under cover. When you want to go out in your vehicle, simply unhook the attachment points and drive away, leaving the awning freestanding, like a classic tent. Drive away awnings can double or even triple your living space making camping holidays more comfortable for the whole family. Each Easy Camp drive away awnings has its own front door and panoramic windows, letting you make the most of the view. And they come in a range of sizes and styles, depending on your needs. Smaller drive away awnings are ideal for cooking, eating, relaxing or as an extra bedroom. Larger, more spacious drive away awnings are great for growing families as they enable multiple rooms if you add the optional bedroom inners. This lets you create a living space and private bedrooms.

Choosing a drive away awning

To find your perfect drive away awning you’ll need to consider the size and type of awning, the height of your campervan or MPV and whether you want air or poled pitching. The first thing you’ll need to think about is what you want to use the awning for. Do you want to use it for long summer holidays, stop and go road trips or weekends away? Are you a growing family or a couple? Do you want a bit of extra storage space, somewhere to cook meals or an extra bedroom? Or an awning that has the option for multiple rooms? Are there any additional features that you’d like? For example, a front canopy that gives you a shady outdoor space. All these factors will impact your decision-making. Once you have an idea of the size and features, you next need to measure the connection height of your vehicle. This is because different drive away awnings fit different height vehicles. To do this, measure from the ground to the height of the awning rail (also known as a gutter rail) or roof bars, depending on your type of vehicle. Then check the measurement against the awning’s attachment height. Easy Camp drive away awnings are designed for campervans and MPVs with a roof height of between 170-210cm or between 180-205cm. Finally, you need to decide whether you want to go for a poled drive away awning or inflatable drive away awning. Poled drive away awnings are held up by traditional poles, which are usually made from lightweight fibreglass. These are a more budget-friendly option and come with padded ends so they don’t mark your vehicle’s bodywork. An inflatable drive away awning (also known as an air drive away awning) has air-filled beams instead of traditional poles. They are very quick and easy to pitch, offering hassle-free set up as they do all the hard work for you.

Setting up your awning

Easy Camp drive away awnings are easy to pitch. But we always recommend having a go at setting up your awning before you arrive at the campsite so you don’t get any surprises. The awnings attach via a simple clip on system. This makes it easy to fix the awning snugly against your vehicle and take it down when you want to go out. For added ease, each awning comes with its own sewn-in or toggle up groundsheet - but you might want to consider buying a footprint to protect your awning from wear and tear. These sit underneath the groundsheet, keeping it cleaner and drier and preserving the awning’s lifespan. Footprints are easy to clean as you can simply hose them down in your garden after your holiday. Once your awning is pitched and pegged you can start to make it feel like a home from home. Tent carpets might seem like a luxury but once you try them you’ll start to view them as an essential! Carpets feel wonderful underfoot, especially on chilly mornings, and help to insulate the awning keeping it warmer and cosier, day and night. Great for family camping, a carpet means the kids can play on the floor without getting a chill and you can comfortably walk around barefoot. They also make the awning quieter so night time trips to the toilet block won’t wake the whole family. To keep the carpet clean, it’s best to set up a wet area at the front of the awning for shoes and muddy items. Once you’ve laid your carpet, you can start adding your camping furniture. Folding chairs and tables are ideal for preparing and eating food, inflatable sofas add extra comfort, and sleeping bags and airbeds are night time essentials. To add ambience, bring some hanging lanterns or strip lights – and don’t forget your torch! Then sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday. Happy camping!