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Easy Camp Air tent buying guide

Looking for an air tent for camping? Find out what you need to know before you buy.

Why choose an air tent?

If you love the idea of camping, but aren’t so keen on pitching tents, an air tent is the answer. These clever tents do all the hard work for you, simply attach them to a pump and they will inflate into shape in less time than it takes you to make a cup of tea.

Also known an inflatable tents, inflatable beam tents or blow up tent, air tents have inflated air beams instead of poles. Making them quicker and easier to set up. Brilliant for laidback, hassle-free camping, air tents are taking the camping world by storm. Once you try them, you’ll never look back!

What else do you need to know?

Due the air inflation technology, air tents are heavier than poled tents. To make them easier to carry they are often packed in two carry bags.

Easy Camp AirUp range

Choose from three brilliant inflatable tents for awesome camping holidays

Holidays are special. Make every moment count with an Easy Camp AirUp tent. Practical, reliable and oh-so-easy to pitch, you’ll be enjoying the great outdoors in no time at all. All three air tents in AirUp range offer plenty of space to sleep, eat, play and chill out. So start your adventure faster with an Easy Camp air tent.

Key benefits of an Easy Camp air tent

If you’re looking for inflatable family tents or for large air tents to share with friends, the AirUp range is the ideal choice.

  • Inflatable tent for camping

  • Super quick pitching – your tent will be ready in minutes

  • Super easy pitching – it only takes one person to connect the pump

  • Highly stable – air beams can flex in windy weather, providing great stability and protecting your tent fabric from ripping

  • Large family air tents sleeping 5-6 people across two bedrooms

  • Full adult standing height ceilings

  • Pump included

Easy Camp Air tent features explained

Air tubes – these are the beams that hold up air tents, they are the equivalent of poles. It’s the air tubes that make air tents quicker and easier to pitch.

Improved Headroom – as air beams are larger than poles, they can take up some of the ceiling height on air tents. The Easy Camp AirUp range is different. We’ve repositioned the air tubes to improve the interior headroom. So you can stand tall and stretch out.

Sleep Tight Inner – get ready to catch some zzzzzs with darkened walls and ceiling that block light for a better night’s sleep.

Powerful Two-Way Pump – for easier inflation and deflation.

Separate Inflatable Tubes – with easy access air valves.

Sewn-in Groundsheet – the groundsheet is fully attached to the tent so you don’t need to lay it separately. This protects the whole tent floor.

Rear vent – lets in air to ventilate the tent, but keeps out bugs.

Hydrostatic head – the higher the hydrostatic head, the more waterproof the tent material. The standard for camping is a hydrostatic head of 3000.

Guyline retainer – holds folded guylines securely and neatly when the air tent is packed away.

Fire retardant – the fabric does not burn, instead it melts when in direct content with flames. Keeping you safer.

ToggleUp Curtains – for extra privacy whenever you want it.

Insect-proof Mesh Panels – on inner doors to keep the tent bug-free.

Organiser pockets – to keep your living area neat and tidy.

Choosing an air tent

Get ready for adventure with an Easy Camp air tent

Best air tent for shorter breaks

Make the most of your weekend with the Base Air 500 air tent

Perfect for active family short breaks, the inflatable Base Air 500 is ready for action whenever you are. This cheap air tent is an amazing price and comes packed with handy features. It sleeps up to five people with plenty of space for storing kit. Darkened bedrooms help you sleep better while the full height ceilings in the living area make for happier day times.

Buy Base Air 500 5 man air tent here

Best air tent for longer breaks

Make the most of summer holidays with the Match Air 500 5 man air tent

The fast pitching Easy Camp Match Air 500 is a bestseller thanks to its smart air technology, spacious interior and large front canopy. This gives you lots of space for sleeping, eating, playing and relaxing. The deep canopy at the front lets you enjoy alfresco meals in the shade and provides rain cover.

Buy Match Air 500 5 man air tent here

Best air tent for family holidays

Give everyone the space to breathe with the roomy Arena Air 600 family air tent

Stylish, spacious and comfortable, not to mention fast pitching, the Arena Air 600 is definitely something to write home about. This inflatable 6 man air tent has three separate areas to give you heaps of space. There’s a bedroom area with two 3 person bedrooms. A roomy living area with adult standing height ceilings, and a front area, which can be fully opened to let the outside in. Ideal for long family holidays, it’s the perfect base for getting together and making memories.

Buy the Arena Air 600 6 man air tent here

Handy extras for your inflatable tent


Make your feet happy with a camping carpet. These instantly add extra warmth and comfort to your air tent.

Shop tent carpets here 


Footprints extend the life of your air tent by protecting the bottom of the tent from dirt, rips and tears.

Shop tent footprints / groundsheets here

Windscreens and Tarps

Instantly and quickly extend your living area by adding a flexible shelter outside your tent. Great for dining outside.

Shop Windscreens and Tarps here 

Tent accessories

Find all the essentials you need for easy camping holidays, like a hammer for pegs, peg remover and spare pegs.

Shop tent accessories here 

Want to know more about air tents?

Check out our guide on choosing a family tent here

Got a question about air tents?

We’re here to help! If there is anything you want to know before you buy air tents online or if you have any enquiry about any of our products, please get in touch. Contact us here