Be snug as a bug every night with Easy Camp outdoor sleeping equipment. Discover soft, cosy sleeping bags in adult and junior sizes; supportive, comfy airbeds and mats; and lightweight, hygienic travel sheets. With a range of colours, styles and patterns there’s something for every trip, from fun family camping to awesome festival equipment. All designed with your comfort and happiness in mind. Because we know that the best days follow a great night’s sleep.

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Sleeping bags

Experience your best night sleep under the stars with the fresh range of Easy Camp sleeping bags. There’s a softer feel against your skin and a wide selection of colours and designs to keep everyone happy. Available in single, double and junior sizes - they are just the thing for night time comfort. Bring festival fun to any occasion with the laidback Bohemian range, with bright standout designs that are inspired by nature. Soft, warm and snuggly, they’re the perfect place to be after a day of dancing in a field. Jump into summer with the colourful Elipse range in junior and adult sizes. These vibrant cocoon shaped sleeping bags add a splash of happiness to family camping holidays, road trips or sleepovers. Explore new horizons with a compact and lightweight Cosmos sleeping bag. The classic mummy shape and snug-fitting hood will keep you warm and comfy all night long. Go for all out luxury with the magnificent Moon range. Super soft, it feels like a duvet next to the skin, and comes in both single and double sizes. And keep the kids happy with the cool Image range with feature print design. Specially made to fit kids, the sleeping bags will keep them comfy all night long and bring extra fun to family festivals, camping adventures and sleepovers. 

Choosing a sleeping bag

Out of all your outdoor equipment, your sleeping bag is probably the thing that will get the most use so invest wisely. Your ideal sleeping bag should look great and feel soft next to the skin. Most importantly, it must keep you warm and comfortable at night. Different sleeping bags are designed for different climates, seasons and adventures. A sleeping bag that is perfect for summer festivals will not work so well up a mountain.  So always check the sleeping bag’s season rating before you buy.

  • 1 season bag is meant for summer use only
  • 2 season is best from mid spring to mid autumn
  • 3 three season can be used throughout spring to autumn
  • 4 season sleeping bag is designed for use all year round

If you’re heading to colder climates, check the local average temperatures before you buy to make sure your bag caters for the extreme conditions. You’ll find a temperature rating for each sleeping bag in its product description and can learn more about sleeping bag warmth ratings here.

Once you’ve decided which type of bag you need, you can then focus on the look and style. Do you want a rectangular shaped sleeping bag that gives you more wriggle room or a mummy shaped back with a cosier leg space? Are you looking for a more luxurious duvet-style feel or a budget-friendly option? How about extra features like a hood for added warmth or the ability to fully unzip the bag for ventilation or to create a blanket? Will you be carrying the sleeping bag for long periods? A Cosmos sleeping bag weighs less than 1 kg so is great for backpacking. For extreme adventures, our warmest sleeping bag is the Orbit 400, which is a 4 season bag that can handle sub zero temperatures. Cosmos, Chakra, Moon, Nebula and Image sleeping bags are great for family camping, while the Bohemian range is designed for festivals and carefree outdoor living.

Get more tips on choosing a sleeping bag here.

Find out how to keep your sleeping bag clean here.

Airbeds and mats

There’s nothing better than sinking into a comfy bed after a day outdoors. Which is why our airbeds and mats are the next best thing to an actual bed. Because we understand that comfort is key to happy camping holidays. Our air-cushioned Flock Double and Single airbeds are ideal for family camping in the UK and beyond. Easy to inflate, the airbeds elevate you off the cold ground, offering top to toe support all night long. For quick comfort on the go, the Hexa mat combines the benefits of a self-inflating mat with the comfort of an airbed – making it essential festival camping equipment. It’s also great for kids’ sleepovers. If you’re backpacking or have limited packing space, a mat is lighter and easier to carry. Easy Camp self-inflating mats (SIMs) come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to ensure your comfort. These SIMs inflate themselves in a couple of minutes thanks to their special cell foam construction and are available in single and double sizes. A selection of simpler EVA mats provide basic comfort and reliability for those on a budget. These can also be used under flocks for extra insulation and to prevent the airbed sliding.

Travel sheets

Travel sheets are one of the unsung heroes of the camping world. The secret must-have item that every camper needs, even if they don’t realise it yet! Not convinced, let us explain why this outdoor equipment is a necessity. Travel sheets are designed to be used inside your sleeping bag and you’ll find a travel sheet to suit the main Easy Camp sleeping bag styles – either mummy style or rectangular. Our travel sheets are made from soft, comfortable and breathable cotton, which feels great next to the skin. Their job is to add a protective layer between you and the sleeping bag, which helps to keep your sleeping bag clean and hygienic. This is particularly important if you’re sharing sleeping bags. Travel sheets are much easier to clean than a sleeping bag – simply pop them in your washing machine. They can also be used on their own, without a sleeping bag, make them ideal for backpacking around hot countries. Your travel sheet gives you a safe place to sleep wherever you are - because we’ve all heard the horror stories about bed bugs in some hostels! Extremely lightweight (the Ultralight weighs just 200g), travel sheets are super easy to pack and can be stuffed into your backpack and carried anywhere.