Air beds

Get ready for snooze o’clock
With a comfy air bed you’ll float off to sleep and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy. Soft next to the skin, camping air beds support you from head to toe and keep you elevated above the cold ground. So you stay warm and happy all night long. Easy to inflate, our blow mattresses are available in single and double sizes, making them ideal for couples, friends and families. 


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Air beds

Looking for a new camping air bed? Or want to buy your first one? At Easy Camp, we believe that the best camping products make your life easier and more enjoyable. Which is why our air beds are one of the comfiest ways to sleep under the stars. They’re also convenient and durable. Because comfort alone isn’t enough. You also need to be able to carry your air bed from place to place, store it easily, and trust that it won’t let you down. 

Why choose an Easy Camp air bed
 - Ultra comfortable with a soft surface that feels great next to the skin
 - Quick and easy to inflate and deflate
 - Lightweight with a small pack size for easy carrying and storage
 - Long lasting materials that can handle the rough and tumble of camping life

Finding your perfect air bed
The right air bed for your adventure depends on what you want to use it for.

The best air beds for festivals, sleep overs or when you want to travel light
Go for a lightweight air bed, like a Hexa mat

These are an air bed and pump in one! They are made from soft, light fabric that keep the weight and bulk down. Plus they have an in-built foot pump so you don’t have to carry extra kit. 

The best air beds for camping holidays and weekends away
Go for a single or double camping air bed

Easy to inflate with a manual or electric pump, these comfy air beds can be used for all outdoor adventures. Plus you can use them at home as a guest bed. 

Benefits of air beds
Here are just some of the reasons why air beds are so popular.

Custom support
Do you prefer a firm mattress or softer one? The beauty of air beds is that you can inflate them to your perfect firmness. Simply add more air for extra support or let some out if you like to sink into your bed. This is great for people with back problems as you can get the support you need every night.

No sagging over time
Air beds aren’t going to give way in the middle. Because of their blow up nature, they will provide even support from top to toe, year after year.

Keeps you off the cold ground
However warm it is during the day, it feels a lot colder sleeping outside once the sunsets. Air beds elevate you off the ground, providing an insulating barrier between you and cold earth. This helps to keep you warmer and more comfortable.

Can be used as a guest bed
Don’t have room for a permanent spare bed in your house. Or have extra guests coming to stay? An air bed is the ideal solution. Quickly pump it up before guests arrive and you instantly have a comfy place for your friends or family to spend the night. When the air bed is no longer needed, it can be easily stored away.

Light enough to take anywhere
A great thing about air beds is the whole mattress packs down into a carry bag, so it’s easy to take from place to place. You can carry it in a rucksack or hold it under one arm.

Easy to repair
If your air bed gets a puncture, it’s cheap and easy to fix it with an air bed puncture repair kit. See below for tips on how to fix leaks 

A range of sizes and styles
Choose from lightweight air beds for backpacking and festivals, or thicker air beds for a more luxurious night’s sleep. Available in single or double sizes, with or without in-built pumps. 

Air bed SOS
How to inflate your camping air bed

1. Find the inflation valve
For standard airbeds, this will usually be at the end of the air bed and you will need to insert a manual or electric pump into the valve to blow up the mattress.

For Hexa mats, there is an internal pump inside the mattress. This is located by the inflation valve. Open the valve and step on the pump to inflate the Hexa mat.

2. Pump up the air bed
You want the mattress to feel firm to the touch with no sagging or creases in the material. Don’t over inflate as it will put too much pressure on the seams, which could cause a blow out. If the seams look shiny or stretched, let out a little air.

3. Top up your air bed every day
Changes in air temperature affect the pressure in blow up mattresses, causing your air bed to deflate a little overnight. This is normal. Simply add a few pumps of air to the bed every morning to get it ready for your next night. If you’ve lost a lot of inflation overnight, you might have a puncture. See how to fix an air bed puncture below.

How to deflate and store your air bed

1. Let out the air
Open the valve and press on the air bed to start deflation. Once it’s soft and saggy, roll up the air bed to get all the air out. Start at the end opposite the valve and roll slowly making sure all air is expelled. You want the air bed to be fully deflated before you move on to the next step.

2. Fold it carefully
It’s worth taking the time to fold your air bed to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This isn’t us being fussy – this extra effort will help your air bed last longer. If the air bed isn’t folded properly it can put pressure on the seams. This means any minor issues with the material can quickly become bigger problems. 

3. Store it safely
Pack the air bed inside a carry bag or box to keep it clean and dust-free while in storage. Don’t use a plastic bag as this can cause mould to form. Store the air bed in a dry, cool place – like a loft, under the stairs, or under the bed.

How to keep your air bed in tip top condition
With the right care your air bed will last for years. Here’s how to keep it working to the max.

1. Keep it clean and hygienic

How to clean your air bed
It’s easiest to do this while your air bed is inflated. 
 - Use your hand, a soft brush or vacuum to remove loose dirt
 - Sponge down any dirty marks with soapy water (don’t use harsh chemicals, as they could muck up the material)
 - Dry the air bed thoroughly 

Use a mattress protector

These are not just for kids. Mattress protectors have an absorbent layer that handles drink spillages with ease (as well as night-time accidents!). They can also be popped in the washing machine – making them much easier to clean than your air bed.

2. Prevent punctures

 - Check the pitch area before you inflate
Make sure the ground is clear from sharp twigs, stones or forgotten pegs before you inflate your air bed. 

 - Inflate the mattress inside the tent
The groundsheet will provide a protective barrier between the air bed and the ground.

 - Don’t put the air bed directly on the ground
If you want to use your air bed outside for sunbathing or chilling out in the sunshine, cover the ground with a blanket or tarpaulin first. This will not only help prevent punctures but also keep the airbed clean.

 - Put sharp tools away 
Sounds obvious but in a tent it’s easy for things like penknives, scissors and nail clippers to end up under or on the airbed. A small box or foldable camping storage gives you somewhere to store your sharp objects and helps to prevent them accidentally piercing your mattress.

3. Check for punctures before your holiday
This is easier to do at home than at the campsite. The simplest way to check if you have a puncture is to leave the air bed inflated overnight. A little air loss is normal, but if it’s gone down a lot by the morning, you have a puncture. 

How to fix leaks with an air bed puncture repair kit:
a. Find your air bed’s puncture. The easiest way to do this is to spray soapy water over the mattress, and then roll it from the bottom up. Bubbles will form round the leak.
b. Completely dry your air bed
c. Stick on the puncture patch following the instructions on the air bed repair kit
d. Inflate the air bed to check the leak is fixed – if not repeat

Everything you need for a great night’s sleep
You’ve got your air bed. Here’s what else you need for happy night under canvas.

A pump 
Unless you’ve got a Hexa mat that comes with an in-built pump, you will need a reliable pump to blow up your air bed. Electric pumps take the hassle out of inflation and can be plugged in to a 240V plug socket or the 12V cigarette lighter port in your car. Manual pumps are cheaper and lighter.

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Sleeping bags
A must-have in all weathers. Choose 1 or 2 season sleeping bags for summer camping and 3-4 season bags for spring, autumn and winter adventures. With doubles, singles and junior sizes available, you’ll be tucked up in comfort every night.

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Travel sheets
These are fast becoming a camping essential. Travel sheets help to keep your sleeping bag clean and hygienic – as they can be popped in the washing machine after use. To use, simply slip them inside your sleeping bag. In tropical climates, you can use them on their own as a lightweight cover. Great for camping, festivals, backpacking and when you’re borrowing someone else’s sleeping bags.

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