Camping Accessories

Relax with camping accessories that bring home comforts to the campsite. Outdoor furniture, cookware, tableware, lighting, pumps, cool boxes and rucsacs are essential camping equipment. So make sure you’re fully kitted out with Easy Camp. Our wide selection caters for everyone, from adventure seekers and festival goers to young families and those who want luxury on the go. Because camping should be fun for all! You just need the right camping accessories.

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Camping furniture

Easy Camp is your one stop camping equipment shop for outdoor furniture. Practical and versatile, our extensive choice of camping furniture is easy to use, easy to store and easy to carry, providing instant comfort anytime, anywhere. There are chairs and hammocks to sink into. Tables where you can eat and drink with friends. And cupboards to store away goodies and make the most of your space. For super speedy relaxation go for sturdy and colourful folding armchairs, dining chairs, lounge chairs, tables, stools, and camp beds. They fold into a compact carry bag when not in use so can be stored almost anywhere. For the ultimate in luxe lounging, try our inflatable sofa, lounger and chairs. They’re so comfy you might even want to use them at home! Or why not spend a lazy day outdoors dozing on a hammock or sun lounger, just remember to load up on the sunscreen first!

Time to eat

Cooking and eating outside is great fun for all ages.  But with so much tent and camping equipment available it can be hard to know exactly what you need to best enjoy your alfresco dining experience. Our general rule of thumb is to pack as light as possible. After all you’ve got to carry it from the car to your tent. With this in mind, here’s a run down of our mealtime camping essentials. First up is something to cook on – so either a grill or a stove. Grills give you that barbeque taste and are fuelled by charcoal. You can get safety advice for fires and barbeques here. Stoves are quick, easy and run on gas. If you’re not sure how they work, check out our tips on the best way to use your stove here.  Both charcoal and gas are usually available to buy at the campsite shop if you run out so you don’t have to bring extra fuel with you. Once you’ve got something to cook on, you need pots and pans to cook in. A cookset is a convenient choice as it usually includes everything you’ll need – pots, a frying pan and a kettle – and it comes in an easy to carry ‘nest’.  If you want to go ultralight, our Mess Tins weigh just 320g and are great for backpacking. The next thing to consider is your tableware. Our Picnic Box comes with bowls, plates, cups and cutlery for four people all in its own box. Or bring a touch of retro-style to the campsite with our break resistant Java melamine tableware, available in sets for two or four people. Other must-haves include water bottles, tin openers and bottle openers. Our handy 5 in 1 opener covers lots of bases with a knife blade, corkscrew, 2 step lever and two bottle openers. Now you’ve got your cookware and tableware covered, you need a way to keep your food fresh. Our Coolbox and Coolbag range combines practical performance and reliability with stylish looks and a great price. The Coolboxes hold a comfortable 24 litres and run off 12V or 230V, while our Coolbags range from 5 to 28 litres. Go for larger sizes for summer holidays. Get your festival equipment sorted with a medium-size coolbag. And use our smaller bags for lunches and cold drinks on the go.


Brighten up your camping trip with our brilliant selection of Easy Camp lighting. A lantern is an essential part of your camping equipment that will let you make the most of cosy evenings on the campsite. Hanging lanterns are ideal for fixing from the roof of your tent to light up your main living space or bedrooms. Standing lanterns can be taken anywhere and used inside and outside the tent. Both types usually have different light settings and can be used as nightlights, which is ideal for those with young kids. Torches are another must-have camping accessory – and are particular useful for night time loo breaks and walking home from the pub in the dark. Choose from hand held or head torches to keep your path illuminated.

Rucsacs and bags

Bags of style! With a range of sizes and designs, Easy Camp has the perfect rucsacs and bags for all your festival and camping equipment. Easy Camp Urban Daysacs and Active Rucsacs combine good looks with comfort, technical know-how and smart affordability. Hardworking fabrics mix happily alongside contemporary colours and innovative design.  Whether you’re camping, backpacking, sightseeing, day tripping or hitting the gym - there’s something for everyone. For dawn to dusk trekking and sightseeing, go for a high tech ventilation system and compression straps for all day comfort. For zipping round cities, try the lightweight 15l or 20l bags, which fit your essentials without any bulk. For instant festival style, the cool Denver Denim 45 duffel bag mixes vintage features with smart practicality and a spacious interior.  And for the kids, treat them to bags of fun with our funky children’s collection.

Pumps and other accessories

The last few items on your camping equipment list should be all the little extras that make outdoor living easier and more enjoyable. Got an inflatable bed, chair or sofa? Take the stress out of inflating with an Easy Camp pump. An electric pump is your easiest option and we have 12V, 230V or rechargeable versions with multiple nozzles to fit all standard inflatables. If you’re camping completely off the grid or just want a simpler option, go for the Bellows foot pump. Trekkers, cyclists and adventure-seekers should always make sure they pack a map compass – and use our map holder to keep you map safe and dry even in bad weather. If you’re backpacking or holidaying somewhere there are lots of insects, a mosquito net will keep the bugs away while you sleep - so you don’t wake up covered in bites! We have single and double versions to fit different airbeds and camping beds. Other must-have camping accessories include money belts, travel adaptors, travel locks, neck pillows and a poncho. Now you’ve got all your camping equipment sorted, it’s time to get outside and have fun!