Get ready to embrace vanlife in style with Easy Camp

Adventure, freedom and the chance to explore anywhere and everywhere. Vanlife is awesome – and it’s taking the world by storm.

A quick search for #vanlife on Instagram shows just how popular this type of travel has become. It’s so on-trend (we’re talking millions of hits here) that it’s got its own moniker and has become a lifestyle choice for avid explorers. Loved by weekend wanderers, longer term adventure-seekers and lifetime travellers alike, vanlife makes the journey just as exciting as the destination.

It’s easy to understand the appeal. Fuelled by wanderlust, an epic vanlife road trip gives a sense of freedom that is simply incredible. There are no timetables, no borders and no restrictions. Just adventure hidden around every corner. Wake up next to a lake, fall asleep in a forest, head up to the mountains or cruise the coastline. The opportunities are endless. All that’s needed is a van, a few belongings and an open mind. Space may be limited, but experiences are bountiful.

The key for happy vanlife travels is to pack light and go with the flow. This is often easier said than done. Because when a van becomes a home, storage is always going to be an issue. Even seemingly little things like picking up souvenirs along the way will take up valuable space inside an already cramped van.

This is where an Easy Camp drive away awning makes all the difference. Travellers can simply attach the drive away awning to the side of their parked van, and voilà! Instant room to stretch out and store kit. Great for providing sun and rain protection, drive away awnings are unbelievably useful. They can serve as a dining room, games room, bedroom, yoga space, makeshift bar, storage area for hired bikes or surfboards, and much more. What makes them even better is that they can operate like a freestanding tent. So the van can be taken out for the day without affecting the awning. When it’s time to move on, the drive away awning quickly packs away into a small bag for easy storage within the van.

With a choice of traditional poled or air awnings, there’s something for every road trip adventurer. The Easy Camp Guard Air inflatable drive-away awning is perfect for laidback living as it is super speedy to set up, self-inflating in mere seconds. Deflating is just as fast so there’s no time wasted. The front door can double as a canopy for instant shade on hot days, while twin windows come with toggle-up curtains for privacy at night.

For those who prefer a more compact, classic poled awning, the Easy Camp Shamrock’s versatile freestanding tunnel design offers heaps of space. Easy to set up thanks to its pre-angled fibreglass poles, the awning is packed with features. Four curtained windows give light during the day and privacy at night. The large front door can be set up as a shelter, while side vents keep the tent fresh and comfortable.

“An Easy Camp drive away awning is a great way to add space without having to upgrade to a larger van or RV,” says Christopher Stjernholm, Product Manager from Easy Camp.
“The drive away nature of the awning gives travellers more freedom to come and go as they please. It also means travellers have a choice of spaces to hang out in. For example, one person can stay behind at the campsite in the freestanding awning, while the other pops out for supplies.”

So when adventure beckons, don’t scrimp on space. Hit the open road in style and live the best vanlife with Easy Camp.