Can I find out what year my tent was produced?

You will find a label normally located in the right hand bedroom. At the bottom right of the label you will find something similar to ‘O/A 11’. In this case it means the tent was produced in 2011.

Mark that indicates production year Outwell

I have damaged my tent and would like to get it repaired - what do I do?

We would recommend that you contact www.tentreparaties.nl who are our specified repairers.

Alternatively, your local dealer may also be able to provide you with details of a local repair facility.

Where can I see a specific Easy Camp tent erected?

We do not currently record which tents can be seen on display around the country as this is a decision made by the dealers. We suggest you visit Easy-Camp.com/en/Dealersand call the Easy Camp dealers closest to your location and ask them if they have the specific tent erected.

How do I read the floor plan of the tents?

How to read Easy Camp Floor plans

My Easy Camp tent sags and collects water

This is a common problem when the supporting ridge pole in the living area has incorrectly been used as a wardrobe bar or as a place to hang wet clothes.

Where do I find pitching guides for older Easy Camp tents?

Many of our older tents appear on www.youtube.com

My tent is old and I need a replacement part. What to do?

We do try to keep spare parts for tents a few years old – for price and availability please contact your local dealer. Click here for the nearest dealer

Alternatively, you can contact www.tentreparaties.nl who might be able to help you source the part you need.

Will I get condensation in my tent?

You will probably experience some condensation in your tent – this is a natural occurrence and should not be confused with the thought that your tent is leaking. Modern, fully sealed tents are more prone to the appearance of condensation as it can be seen more readily inside the tent.