Sleeping Bags

Can I machine wash my synthetic Sleeping Bag?

Yes! Your new sleeping bag is fully machine washable!


Your new sleeping bag is fully machine washable.

To gain the most of your sleeping bag, please follow the below use and care instructions:


For optimal insulation shake the sleeping bag well before use.

Always open your bag for airing after every use.

If possible, use a sleeping bag liner to extend the lifetime of your sleeping bag.

Spot clean your bag with lukewarm soapy water and sponge when necessary. Light dirty areas on the surface can be removed with a stiff brush.

If your sleeping bag is extremely dirty, please machine wash it and follow the instructions below:

Use an oversize commercial automatic machine utilizing rotating drum only. DO NOT use an alligator type top-loaded machine.

B. Max. water-temperature 30°C.

Use conventional wash-powder, but only 1/3 of the normal quantity.

Rinse out the sleeping bag a least 5 times.

Press the water out of the bag by hand or max. 20 sec. spin-dry.
DO NOT wring!

For drying: in drying-machine by max. 30°C or place the bag horizontal level and let it drip-dry, NEVER hang-dry!


Sleeping bag fabrics and insulating materials can burn when let in contact with flame source. Do not place close to any open flame!

What does the warmth rating on my Easy Camp sleeping bag mean?

It is only recently that an official European-wide system of assessing and comparing the warmth of sleeping bags was introduced and we were delighted to sign up. The standard defines how to test, measure and label sleeping bags.

Warmth ratings
The official European-wide system defines how to test, measure and label sleeping bags. A computer-controlled dummy similar in size and shape to an average human body is placed inside a sleeping bag and monitored in a temperature-controlled climate chamber. Standard tests give a range of comfort levels for men and women. EN13537 is the code on quality sleeping bags and it certainly helps in working out what warmth a bag will offer. Outstanding insulation from the ground with an Easy Camp flock or self-inflating mat will help to maximise any bag’s insulation performance.

Tcomfort • lower comfort limit in standard use (woman).
Tlimit • lower limit when curled up in standard use (man).
Textreme • lowest extreme temperature for survival (woman).
Tmax • upper comfort limit without over heating (man).