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Can I use my Easy Camp airbed Flock as a floating bed in a pool?

Easy Camp flocks are built and tested for use as a sleeping mattress in a tent. We strongly advise that they are not used for any other purpose than that for which they were designed.

Can I obtain poles to convert my roll-up door into a sun canopy?

Yes, these can be purchased from your Easy Camp dealer.

Can we use our Easy Camp tent for more than a month at a time?

Easy Camp manufactures tents for normal holiday use and they are not designed or tested for use over extended periods.

How many mattresses can I fit in a bedroom from your drawings?

Normally you apply the industry standard width of 60cm per person for each person shown in a drawing. However, our recommendation will provide you at least 70-80cm per person

My new self-inflating mat will not inflate?

A new self-inflating mat has been packed for an extended period so you may need to blow into it a few times to ‘reactivate’ the compressed foam core.

Will a synthetic tent leak if I touch the outer when it rains?

Our unique top-quality polyester fabrics used in our outers feature a market-leading polyurethane coating which will not leak when touched.

I have just bought a new tent - do I need to waterproof it?

We recommend that you use a seam sealer or a waterproofing spray at regular intervals for the seams around the zips and toggles.

Should I pitch my tent before I go away?

Yes, it is always advisable that you pitch your tent before going away just to ensure that you are comfortable with the way it pitches and packs away again.