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I have a problem with my Easy Camp product?

To ensure an efficient service and to follow the legalities imposed by consumer laws in the 40-plus countries that we supply we refer campers back to our dealers as they are responsible to you as their customer. Our dealers can advise and expedite warranty claims, as well as having the necessary forms needed to order spares or repairs.

Do you have an official repair centre?

We use as our repair agent, handling warranty claims for Easy Camp tents. It is important to point out, that we take a direct responsibility for aftersales warranty and advice, therefore all warranty issues need to go through your dealer for approval, before you send it to are happy to offer their service and expertise in tent repairs to rectify any damage that has occurred through accident or wear and tear to a tent that is no longer in warranty. This will be at your own expense. You can expect the response time on repairs to be 14 days.

Does your warranty cover poles?

We cover poles except broken poles which are the result of accident or improper handling.

Can I get insurance for my tent?

Yes, you can get insurance for your tent and we would suggest contacting your insurance agent.

I have a broken part, where can I get a replacement?

If you have a broken part on your tent you must contact the dealer where you purchased the tent from. They will be able to obtain any replacement parts needed.

Alternatively,you can contact who might be able to help you source the replacement part.