Easy Camp Test Team

Are you new to camping but ready to jump right in and live life to the full? Well, we could add an extra dimension to your camping experience! We’re looking for new campers, between 18-45 years of age, to join our Easy Camp Test Team.

Are you looking to start camping on a strict budget – say, buying an old car in which to tour around and camp while exploring and having fun? Or are you cycle camping, backpacking or taking a canoe trip?

We are always looking for people with the right attitude to life and camping who can take our Easy Camp products and regularly supply us with great images, video clips and fun stories for our community pages plus provide valueable feedback on the camping equipment supplied.

If you are considering anything like these activities and have the energy to camp the Easy Camp way then drop us an email and a photo to Signe Vognsen de Vos - sv@oase-outdoors.dk