Coolboxes & Coolbags

New products and colours feature in our 2018 Coolbox and Coolbag range. Practical performance is the keynote here with value for money and reliability at the core. We have Coolboxes for 12V and 230V supply with a comfortable size of 24 litres. Our Coolbags are supplied in sizes from 5 to 28 litres. 

Coolboxes and Coolbags

For use in a car or campervan, this coolbox is a perfect choice. It comes in grey and orange with a generous 24 litre capacity, that will keep contents to as much as 25°C below the outside temperature – ideal for picnics as well as camping.
These trendy Easy Camp soft coolbags are made of polyester with PeVA-lining – the ideal coolbag for picnics and camping trips. The range offers bags in 5, 15 and 28 litres.