Airbeds & Mats

Comfort is key to enjoying a camping holiday. That’s why our airbeds and self-inflating mats complement our sleeping bags to give you a good night’s sleep. And why we continue the theme into our Movie Seats for air-cushioned luxury.

Airbeds and selfinflating mats

The Hexa airbeds feature a built-in foot pump and a large one-way air intake valve. The soft-light fabric keeps weight and bulk down. Air-cushioned bedroom luxury extends into our Flock Double and Single airbeds, while our Movie Seat Single and Double create great options for campsite comfort when relaxing with friends.
The Easy Camp self-inflating mats (SIMs) come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to ensure comfort options. These SIMs inflate themselves in a couple of minutes thanks to the inner open cell foam construction and Easy Valve system that allows maximum airflow for inflating and deflating. A selection of simpler closed-cell foam EVA mats provides the basis of a good bed for when weight and price tag are key concerns.