As part of our work with the Camping and Caravanning Club's Camping Club Youth we have provided equipment to help members pass their prestigious Junior Youth Test and Senior Youth Test. Successful completion of the final test brings no end of benefits that include reduced fees and the opportunity to camp abroad. Ten-year-old Dougie Blackmore is just setting out on this adventure and he takes up the story:

August 2015

I am Dougie Blakemore from Lancashire & Cheshire DA and I am working towards taking my Youth Test. I passed my Junior Youth Test a year ago. My Junior Youth test made me learn about the Countryside Code. Learning was fun as my youth leaders took us out walking and it wasn’t like being at school. It taught me to put my own tent up and look after my equipment. We also learnt about the different cookers that I will be able to use when I am a bit older. I took my Junior Youth Test so that it would help me when I start to train for my Senior Youth test.

Camping Club Youth - Certificate Training - Dougie Blakemore 

I enjoy cooking outside with my youth leaders and have camped in a tent since I was six. I have good camping equipment but my Youth Leaders, Katy and Mark, help to choose good things that are not expensive and help me use them.

Camping provides me the chance to go to lots of fun events. Lancs and Ches DA had a worm charming event at Croston in Southport. Everyone buys a plot of land and we have to charm the worms from the ground. We can use different tools and even music but we cannot dig them out or use water. I didn’t win and didn’t get many but the winners were new campers who got 108 worms.

I used my new Easy Camp Quasar 200 for the weekend. I normally use a pop up tent but Katy and Mark wanted me to try something different. The tent was a bit harder to put up than my pop-up but I have been using it every weekend now and I can do it without anyone’s help. The colours are good fun and I can spot it from miles away! It was difficult to reach to tie in the middle but I have got the hang of it now.

Camping Club Youth - Certificate Training - Testing Easy Camp Tent - Dougie Blakemore  Camping Club Youth - Certificate Training - Testing Easy Camp Tent - Dougie Blakemore

I took the tent on holiday to a THS at Bala and a lot of people wanted to know where I had got it from. I think I would use a tent like this on my test as it has a porch. My pop up does not have a porch. And I think this is a good tent for people to start camping in without it costing them too much. It fits two people in and has a porch for shoes.

I like this better than my pop up now.