Jean Stewart Walk 2014 – Glen Doll, Scotland

Going back to January 1976 a lady called Jean Stewart sadly passed away, Jean was a big part of the Renfrew and West of Scotland D.A and held many positions on the committee, latterly she was the chairperson. Jean loved the outdoor life and even when she had retired was still enjoying back packing!

In memory of Jean this 20 mile hike (with kit, over 2 days) is called The Jean Stewart Trophy, the main aim is to challenge the CCY participants, which it most definitely does! CCY are awarded the trophy on completion of the hike for 5 consecutive years... and there's plenty up for the challenge!

Spirit 300 – 5.1kg split between 3 kit bags, doesn't get much lighter for a 20 mile hike, especially with such a great size porch for kit bags at the end of a hard day! As the Shadow 200, it could also do with a few more peg holes on the sides to help tighten the slack. Overall an ideal lightweight tent for a short break.