CCY Testing


Dayhiker 25 – Perfect for hand luggage on a long haul flight. Plenty of room for all the bits and bobs that you may need in the outside pockets plus the adjustable top fitted a rolled up blanket. Stowed away perfectly in overhead lockers :-)

Great alternative to a suitcase to help with the painfully low luggage allowances... Especially when taking camping equipment!

Dayhiker 25 – Great bag to use going to the beach, zip pocket on the top is ideal for sunglasses and the rubber over the zips on the sides means that sand doesn't ruin the zips.

Dayhiker 25 – Even an ideal size to fit your  flippers and snorkels in!


Holdall WP – Enough room for skiing attire and festival outfits without getting in a mess due to the handy inside compartments. Great to be able to have it as an over shoulder bag or a backpack, was perfect to transport on a coach as well as a quick run to get the train home!